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Activity Risk Assessments

Generic Risk Assessments highlight commonly identified hazards (i.e. things with the potential to cause harm) and control measures/precautions (i.e. ways of reducing the likelihood of the hazard causing harm) associated with offsite activities e.g. visits to coasts, visits to theme parks, or horse riding.

The main aim of the Generic Risk Assessment is to help raise overall safety standards and help the organisers to be prepared by:

  • raising awareness of possible hazards and control measures that might have previously not been considered;
  • promoting recommended good practice;
  • providing information that can easily be shared with, and adapted by, all leaders (and group members) to ensure a common understanding of expected standards and responsibilities during a visit;
  • Identify the leader or the person with overall responsibility:

Generic risk assessment forms are flexible, and must be adapted to each group’s own circumstances by adding further hazards/control measures that may be relevant or site specific, or deleting those hazards/control measures that are not appropriate or acceptable, or cannot practically be implemented for some reason.

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