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Equality and Diversity

Course duration: 3 hours

Venue: The course can be delivered at the customer's venue subject to the availability of a suitable area.

Target group:

All staff, carers.

Main Learning objectives

  • To understand what Equality and Diversity means in the work place.
  • To understand the legal framework this legislation falls under within the United kingdom and European - The Equalities and Diversity act 2010.
  • To understand and identify the different forms of discrimination. .
  • To understand and discuss appropriate ways in which to ensure this is embedded in to work place.
  • To enable young people to promote their rights under the equality & diversity act 2010.
  • To understand the Equality and Diversity act and it's diverse exposure to everybody in their daily lives.
  • Team work to achieve outcomes for people we support.

Assessment Methods

The method of assessment, to ensure that learners have gained the required knowledge, skills and understanding relating to Mentoring:

  • Formative assessments - a range of informal assessment procedures throughout the course.
  • Practical assessment - applying skills in roll play scenarios

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