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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

What is a Personal Emergency Plan(PEEP)

All disabled people need a PEEP - basically an individual plan, detailing how they will be alerted to danger in an emergency, and how they will then reach safety.

fire warden

Every person and every building is different, so disabled people who regularly visit the building will need a PEEP

The legislation PEEPs are based on the need to consult with disabled employees/regular visitors and take into account the different features of every building. The ‘fire safety order’ requires the responsible person to make provision for the safe evacuation of disabled people in the event of a fire.

Managers / fire wardens are responsible for talking to disabled people and seeing whether they need any help in the event of an emergency. If assistance with escape procedures is required, the amount of assistance should be identified in the PEEP, for example the number of assistants and the methods to be used.

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