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House Risk Assessments

Many of our clients like an independent and competent person to inspect their premises to ensure that they are compliant with HSE legislation prior to an OFSTED inspection so that they have the opportunity and timescale to carry out any remedial actions where necessary

Safety inspections are essential and can provide additional evidence that an employer is fulfilling their legal obligations to provide adequate health and safety information and training to employees and contractors working at their premises.

The House Risk Assessment ideally is carried out with the manager present for part of the site visit.

Complacency is health and safety's worst enemy, which is why it is often more beneficial for external professionals to conduct these evaluations (i.e., a fresh set of eyes). Our team of qualified health and safety professionals can carry out full health and safety evaluations at one or all of your premises. These evaluations would cover all the physical parts of the premises, and work activities, as well as pertinent health and safety documentation i.e. risk assessments, safe systems of work, statutory inspections, policies and procedures, etc.

Full reports are drafted in a user friendly format that detail the following:

  • Observations made and hazards identified in terminology easy to understand
  • Level of risk (High, Medium or Low and Recommendations for best practice)
  • Straight forward and practical solutions / recommendations that are necessary to ensure ongoing legal compliance and best practice / industry standards

The reports are provided electronically with a quick view action plan in word format that allows you to update and record progress made.

The evaluation will then assist you in planning forwards the development of your health and safety systems ensuring continual development is maintained to reduce risk to your business and delegating to key persons objectives.

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