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Method Assessment/Safe System of Work

A work method statement, sometimes called a “safe system of work”, is a document that details the way a work task or process is to be completed. They are all variations of the same theme which is to accurately document how you consider the work of the company should be done by your employees, particularly with regard to hazardous work processes. Simply put, they are the detailed instructions given to employees to enable them to work safely.

The method statement should outline the hazards involved and include a step by step guide on how to do the job safely

Method statements are designed to standardise working practice in order to ensure that no-one gets hurt or injured .When these are developed they should be rigorously implemented. They are the benchmark used to determine fault should an incident occur. Clearly from this perspective it is important to get the balance right between insufficient relevant detail in the method statement, which expose employees to unsafe working practices, and too much unnecessary detail which would impede efficient working. Our consultants have the training and experience to ensure the balance is right.

Method Statements will depend on the complexity and size of the job and is intended to show how the work will be executed safely.

Stair Consultancy recommends that all method statement are collated in one place and freely available to all employees. This is usually as a manual issued as your H&S Employee Handbook or incorporated into your Company Handbook.

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