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Course duration: 1 day

Venue: The course can be delivered at the customer's venue subject to the availability of a suitable area.

Target group for Mentoring roles :

This course is geared towards Managers, Senior care staff and employees who have responsibility for other people.

People who benefit from Mentoring: New employees , newly appointed managers, deputies or senior staff.

This can assist managers who need space to learn to learn new skills and aid leadership development.

Course Content

  • Examine the nature of Mentoring - Roles of mentor , mentees , time frame and definition of role of mentoring.
  • Tools for mentoring - Identifying professional expectations, 4 stages of building a mentoring relationship, goal setting.
  • Questioning techniques - questioning types
  • Active Listening skills
  • How to use a Smart plan
  • Constructing a mentoring session - use the 5c's
  • Ending a formal mentoring relationship.

Assessment Methods

The method of assessment, to ensure that learners have gained the required knowledge, skills and understanding relating to Mentoring:

  • Formative assessments - a range of informal assessment procedures throughout the course.
  • Practical assessment - applying skills in roll play scenarios
  • Competency assessment- Learners are required to successfully complete a test paper.

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