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Internet safety/awareness course

Course duration: 4 hours

Venue: The course can be delivered at the customer's venue subject to the availability of a suitable area.

Target group:

This course is geared towards those who have responsibility/care for venerable and young persons including parents.

Course Content

  • Young people and "meme" bullying
  • Kodi stick legalities and pirating liability
  • Apps and ways our young people use them
  • Warning signs regarding apps on our children's phone (partitioning and steganography/encoded communication)
  • uploading and downloading permanence of content
  • wiki and why we need to assist young people with it
  • online gaming
  • augmented reality
  • online shopping and phishing scams
  • risk awareness and Internet resilience
  • Location spoofing and "tor"
  • grooming within "selfie culture"
  • CEOP etc
  • WiFi security and "common sense"
  • "The Internet of things" (honestly, that's a real term!)
  • impersonation online and "parody" accounts
  • Internet trolling (in its current, previous and original form)
  • The "dark" web (and why this is a misnomer)

Assessment Methods

The method of assessment, to ensure that learners have gained the required knowledge, skills and understanding relating to Mentoring:

  • Formative assessments - a range of informal assessment procedures throughout the course.
  • Practical assessment - applying skills in roll play scenarios
  • Competency assessment- Learners are required to successfully complete a test paper.

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