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First Aid Risk Assessment

The employer must carry out an assessment of needs. This will result in identifying the degree of hazard, additional factors that could influence your overall first-aid provision and number of employees in your workplace. The results will also suggest the number and type of first-aid personnel that should be present at all times people are at work.

In assessing their needs, employers should consider:

  • the nature of the work and workplace hazards and risks;
  • the nature of the workforce;
  • the organisation's history of accidents;
  • the size of the organisation;
  • the needs of travelling, remote and lone workers;
  • work patterns;
  • the distribution of the workforce;
  • the remoteness of the site from emergency medical services;
  • employees working on shared or multi-occupied sites;
  • annual leave and other absences of first-aiders and appointed persons;
  • first-aid provision for non-employees.

The employer must inform his employees of the arrangements that have been made in connection with the provision of first-aid, including the location of equipment, facilities and personnel.

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