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Tenant Monitoring

Responsible Person

The Landlord is responsible for ensuring co-operation and co-ordination of tenants on site. This can be delegated to a Managing Agent to carry out these duties on their behalf. Stair Consultancy can assist and ensure Tenant Monitoring is carried out.

fire warden

This will include:

  • Tenants fire risk assessments have been carried out and where 5 or more staff are employed a written copy if forwarded to the Managing Agent / landlord.
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) tenants are responsible for the safe evacuation of all occupants from their demise. Any PEEP’s prepared for employees or regular visitors must be shared with the responsible person.
  • Control of ignition sources.
  • An inspection of the tenant’s demise to ensure escape routes are clear and signed.
  • Firefighting equipment is installed within the tenant’s demise.
  • Fire doors are closed or held back with a mechanical devise which will release on activation of the fire alarm.
  • Fire wardens are nominated and trained.
  • Fire equipment is tested and serviced.
  • Emergency light in the tenant’s demise is tested and serviced (if not responsibility of landlord).
  • • Any highly flammable substances are stored appropriately on site and are logged and included in the evacuation plan.

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